Berger H elefant

Street Art gegen "ALS"

Findet mich, behält mich,

ich will mit dir reisen...

Berger H elefant

Street Art gegen "ALS"

Berger H elefant - Street Art gegen "ALS"

Berger H elefant - Street Art against "SLA"

Find me, keep me, I want to travel with you...

- Berger H Elefant is a Street Art project  -

But what exactly is Street Art? Art in the city? Not exactly! I will tell you.....

Die berühmtesten Street Artist's

What is Street Art?

This movement has developed in the 1970s and 1980s, mainly from New York City`s graffiti boom in the 1960s.The identity of the artists is unknown, not only because street art is in most cases illegal. The message is important, not the identity of the artist. Some artists leave their pseudonym, for example “Banksy”. Sometimes a crew of artists creates a Street Art project. Street Art projects are often transient; what you find today may not exist anymore tomorrow.

Meine Lieblings Street Artist's

What is not Street Art ?

Art that takes place outdoor is not also Street Art. I like street performing very much. Although this is art as well, it is not Street Art. Just as the projects of artist who are known by name


Which forms of Street Art exist ?

The creativity is not limited. All can be ore become Street Art. Primarily free-hand aerosol paints were used to produce the projects (graffiti). In the meantime many other media and techniques are used as stencil art, sticker art, paper art, relief stickers (just like Berger H Elefant), tape art, yarn bombing, and mosaic tiling. Sticker art is booming recently. You will find different examples on this page.


Which message is behind Street Art ?

Everything is possible. Some transport present socially relevant content. Some do not have a message at all, shall only bring a smile to the observer. Whatsoever, it is always about creativity and its artistic presentation. Berger H Elefant is a philanthropically project which accompanies the fight against ALS, also by bringing a little joy. Joy for those who suffer from ALS, joy for those who find the stickers, and joy for all who look at the photos with Berger H. Elefant from all over the world.


In the gallery I will show you a few famous Street Art artists, also some examples of different forms of Street Art; in another Gallery some artists whom I know personally and who support the Berger H Elefant project

Das ist Street Art

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