Berger H elefant

Street Art gegen "ALS"

Findet mich, behält mich,

ich will mit dir reisen...

Berger H elefant

Street Art gegen "ALS"

Berger H elefant - Street Art gegen "ALS"

Berger H elefant - Street Art against "SLA"

Find me, keep me, I want to travel with you...

- Dear friends, what is ALS? -

As you know already Berger H Elefant wants to travel for all who suffer from ALS. In spite of the “Ice Bucket challenge” in summer of 2014 many people do not know about ALS. We hope to increase attention to this incurable disease by our project Berger H Elefant.  Photos with the travelling Berger H Elefant from all over the world shall bring a little joy to those who are down with ALS and cannot travel any more.  We only give short information about ALS and the work of the ALS out-patient department in Berlin. Please use the attached links if you want to know more about the disease.  You can acquire your Berger H Elefant sticker under “Order

What is ALS ?

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a chronic, progressive neurological disorder that affects the cells that control voluntary muscles of the body. It is a rare disease. Without a feeding tube and non-invasive-ventilation it would lead to death within a short period of time.

The early symptoms of limb-onset ALS are muscle weakness and/or muscle atrophy that will start in a small region and spread into nearby regions, for example in an arm or a leg. Early symptoms of bulbar-onset ALS can be changes in speech or trouble swallowing.

The order and rate of symptoms varies individually. It is impossible to predict the exact course of the disease.

The disease mainly starts with limb-onset symptoms, fewer with bulbar-onset symptoms. Later on both types of symptoms will be left.

3 to 8 of 100.000 people suffer from ALS. The disease mainly starts between the ages of 50 till 60.  Less than 10 percent get the disease before being 40. The average survival from onset to death varies individually.


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Les deux personnes derrière le projet Berger H Elefant connaissent personnellement l'important travail du Service SLA de la Charité à Berlin. Sans le soutien sous forme de dons, ils ne pourraient pas ainsi soutenir les personnes concernées et travailler dans la recherche contre cette terrible maladie. La recherche est de longue haleine et difficile et jusqu’à un aboutissement, le chemin est long.

Grâce aux dons, l'espoir est que les bonnes nouvelles arrivent plus tôt et soient source d'espoir.

How can I help ?

Here is a short summary of the Charité homepage regarding donations

Die ALS-Ambulanz an der Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

About 8000 People suffer from ALS in Germany. Because ALS is a rare disease public funds for the research are worldwide rather low.


The medical team in Berlin is responsible for about 800 patients. There are two essential responsibilities:


- Diagnosis and medical care including the organization for nursing and all types of therapy .


- ALS research projects as basic research, research of supply and effectiveness of medicine.


How can I help?


Yearly 550.000 Euros are necessary to keep and develop the ALS out-patient department. Public funds come to only 25 till 30 percent of that amount, the rest must be raised by donations. All donations go completely to the ALS out-patient department and are spent for care and research.






Each donation is a contribution against ALS.

Please use the following banking details and give the note/ reference “ALS Elefant 61500507" to make sure that the amount goes directly to the ALS out-patient department of the Charité university hospital.

Banking details


Kasse der Charite

Berliner Sparkasse

IBAN: DE53 1005 0000 1270 0055 50


Reference: ALS Elefant 61500507


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